Mission by Design

By Adele, MarketPlace designer Women are the soul of MarketPlace. Our mission to empower women is why we exist, and it is embedded in everything we do. Employment, business development, education, social programs, and connection to a global audience are critical components of that mission.  The design process, like everything else, starts and ends withContinue reading “Mission by Design”

The Mohina Tunic

Traditional batik hand block printing is done with a wooden block hand carved on one side with a pattern.  The block is first dipped in wax and then stamped onto the fabric.  The cloth is dyed and then submerged in hot water to remove the wax and reveal the design.  The artisans have experimented withContinue reading “The Mohina Tunic”

The Patna Dress

Because our mission is to work with women who are not able to find work elsewhere, we have developed a number of strategies to get them earning quickly.  Most women are taught from an early age to sew, mending clothing and recycling old clothes into quilts.  We build on that ability by introducing them toContinue reading “The Patna Dress”

The Puri Top

Daycare is hard to come by in most parts of India.  Traditionally children were looked after by the extended family in the family home.  However, since the women have moved to Mumbai from their villages, they do not have much family support.  Hand embroidery allows women to work from home and is an essential toolContinue reading “The Puri Top”

Placement Printing

“Placement printing” is an exacting technique for positioning designs on fabric. Unlike an all-over print, placement printing is planned so specific design motifs will be in the same position on every garment.  The fabric must be carefully measured to correctly place the different patterns for the front, back and sleeves.  Accurate calculations are crucial sinceContinue reading “Placement Printing”