The Mohina Tunic

Traditional batik hand block printing is done with a wooden block hand carved on one side with a pattern.  The block is first dipped in wax and then stamped onto the fabric.  The cloth is dyed and then submerged in hot water to remove the wax and reveal the design. 

The artisans have experimented with other creative techniques, using a variety of brushes.  Here they have found a new use for a broom made from the thin stems of the coconut leaves, which is generally used to sweep outdoors.  They dip the tip of the broom in wax and splatter the wax on the fabric to get this random spotted effects.  The fabric is then dyed and the wax removed in very hot water.


The fabric is stretched on the table, the broom is dipped in wax and drops of wax are scattered on the fabric.


It is then dyed.

57C-48_ 21

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