Armaan Club Kids Choose Role Models

Children 12 years and older were asked to choose role models, research and learn about their lives, their vision and what they had accomplished.  They were then asked to prepare an article or PowerPoint Presentation.   “I chose Sarojini Naidu because she helped liberate women and was part of the fight for India’s independence.  SheContinue reading “Armaan Club Kids Choose Role Models”

Voices of the Next Generation

The Armaan Club for children was developed in collaboration with the artisans who want their sons and daughters to succeed in school and life.  It focuses on improving the children’s academic performance including counseling, mentoring and career guidance.  Other programs concentrate on teaching life skills through sports, dance, judo, theater and other recreational activities.  Continue reading “Voices of the Next Generation”

Women Role Models

For the artisans’ daughters, their first and most powerful role models are their mothers. These women have overcome educational, social and cultural obstacles to become breadwinners and community activists.  In addition, the girls – and boys – can look to some prominent women who are making a difference in India through activism, professional success, andContinue reading “Women Role Models”

Armaan Club Graduation

Recently twelve of the artisans’ kids passed their all-important school exams.  These board exams, administered by central councils, are given after Standard or Grade 10 (lower secondary), when students are around 16, and 2 years later after Standard 12 (upper secondary).  The 10th standard test covers a wide variety of subjects, while the 12th standardContinue reading “Armaan Club Graduation”

Armaan Club: A trip to Yazoo Park

As a special treat for the kids in the Armaan Club, they took a trip to a park! This was truly a special outing because field trips are not part of the school system. The kids were so excited that we’ve been told they couldn’t sleep the night before! Representatives from each group helped toContinue reading “Armaan Club: A trip to Yazoo Park”