The Patna Dress

Because our mission is to work with women who are not able to find work elsewhere, we have developed a number of strategies to get them earning quickly.  Most women are taught from an early age to sew, mending clothing and recycling old clothes into quilts.  We build on that ability by introducing them to embroidery.  The stitches are simple, with about 4 to 6 basic stitches used in combinations and with variations.  After only three hours of training, the women are ready to go!

The tools are simple, consisting of just yarn (pre-cut), needle and scissors, making it convenient for 70% of the artisans to work from home.     


While the women do most of the work at home, they do reserve a portion to do at the workshop.  There they can interact and chat with the other artisans. 


Sanju Morya of Arpan Cooperative proudly shows her work.



  1. Having loved to embroider and sew since I was a child, I greatly appreciate the skill and patience of my Indian sisters’ work, Their work is lovely. I know it is hard to make much money doing embroidery, but I hope it helps a bit and serves as a ladder to better wages.

    1. We are happy to hear from a fellow-embroiderer! You are so right about how skillful the embroidery artisans are. They are equal members of the cooperative group which has sewn the completed garment — the artisan group sets the wages for their members, and no one knows better than the group members how complex MarketPlace embroidery can be!

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