The Sikkim Jacket

Hand embroidery on MarketPlace garments is an important factor in enabling women to work and earn a living.  Because they are also responsible for running their households, including shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, and childcare, they need to be able to work from home.  Embroidery work can be fitted in around their other obligations.

It also requires no bulky equipment.  In most cases, the artisan only has to deal with the garment, yarn, needle, and scissors.  Sometimes an embroidery hoop is used.  All of this can easily be stored at home and carried between home and the workshop. 


Little space is needed to do the embroidery. 


In many cases, the stitches follow the pattern of the fabric as in this Sikkim Jacket.


Deepika Gond of WARE collective proudly shows off her handwork.


One comment

  1. What a treat I felt like I just time traveled!
    The music, watching the artist and her careful skill, the garment, the traffic rushing by- all beautiful!

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