Celebrating Joy

At first, the artisans had to be persuaded to insert “fun” into their schedules. Used to putting themselves last, behind family, work, and home, the women did not consider play a priority.  To encourage them to enjoy themselves, MarketPlace staff organized picnics, celebrations, and other outings. The artisans’ husbands initially objected to what they considered an indulgence.  The women worked it out, however, rising extra early to finish chores.

Over the years they came to appreciate the value of recreation and the bonds of friendship that grew from shared activities.  Now the groups organize their own outings and celebrations. They – and their families – recognize that simple enjoyment is part of a healthy life.  Recently when the artisans went through an exercise to identify MarketPlace’s major values, “Joy” made the top 5!

Celebrating Holidays

The group that dances together, stays together! Enjoy a video of a dance called the Garba from a celebration of Navratri.

Sharing a Meal

The artisans celebrate holidays and special occasions with each other to build a strong community in each collective!

Armaan Club

Armaan celebrates joy through various activities including weekly soccer, dance and judo classes, yearly overnight camps, and picnics!

Education for Life

The Education for Life project for the entire community had a series of sessions during the summer vacation on life skills through discussions, singing, and drama.

Artisan Day

Watch the Arpan cooperative perform a traditional dance for Artisan Day, a special day set aside by Share to celebrate all the artisans. This celebration includes a performance from each group!

Celebrating Each Other

The artisans have worked hard to create a positive work environment and have built strong relationships with the women around them!


  1. So nice to see this! Joy must definitely be a core principle and driving force. It reminds me of the book and movie, “Like Water for Chocolate”, where the main character’s emotions went into the food she cooked and the people that ate it became happy, sad, confused… experiencing the same emotions she felt when she cooked. In the same way, I believe that handwork brings with it the essence of the maker and passes it on to the buyer. 🙂

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