A day in the life of Delphine Fernande

SHARE staff member

Delphine (“Del”) lives in Mumbai with her husband Vincent, an x-ray technician, and her son Dale, who works for a medical service company.  


On an average weekday, she wakes up at 5:30 to start cooking.  After finishing with breakfast, she starts preparing the food for lunch. Her husband helps with the prep work, washing and chopping vegetables. Around 8 a.m., she gets ready to leave for the office.  Mornings she takes a rickshaw, while for the return home she catches a bus.


As SHARE’s Manager of Accounts and Administration, her office hours are officially from 9:00 to 5:00, although more often than not she stays late.  Del has been working at SHARE since 1996, and her dedication and attention to detail have made her an integral part of the organization. She also enjoys working with people, and an important part of her job is interacting with not only the people in the office but also officials at government agencies, banks, and other organizations.  


Coming home from the office, she relaxes by watching some TV or listening to music before starting to cook dinner. After they eat, she and her husband clean the cooking vessels. Chinese food is an occasional treat, perhaps on the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are less hectic for her, although she often has family members visiting and so does a lot of cooking and entertaining for them.  An observant Roman Catholic, she regularly attends mass on Sunday.

Last year Del had a special occasion, an extended family outing to a recreation park northwest of metropolitan Mumbai.  There her parents and siblings and niece and nephews enjoyed pools, picnics, the nearby beach under the cool palm trees.  For Del, it was a wonderful opportunity for all the cousins to enjoy each other’s company and bond.

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