Hand Painting and Block Printing

56C-07 First color Blue Hand paint with Brush (8)

India has a very long tradition of printing with hand-carved wooden blocks.  While we love this technique and use it often, we also have created some amazing effects with artistic innovations.  Hand painting, for example, makes bold free-form patterns on fabric. In this case, the artisan is using a non-traditional tool – a scrubbing brush – to create a unique line, broad but still delicate.  

56C-07 Second color olive Hand paint with Brush (1)

The stripes are done on the diagonal, a tricky placement which require the skill and eye of the experienced artisan to maintain continuity and placement. This lattice design then becomes the background for a more traditional hand-printed leaf design.  

56C-07 Block print after 2 colours Hand paint (6)

When the fabric is washed, the colors are transformed into the fabric shown at the bottom, a happy combination of tradition and innovation.


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  1. Knowing the skill and talented people behind the fabric make this lovely print even more delightful.

  2. Such very hard work and talent. Your print are so gorgeous! Thank you for all of your work, I have shared this process with other people to show how difficult this process really is and the time it takes to create such beautiful cloths.

    1. In a world where machines churn out printed fabric by the mile in a few minutes, it can be difficult for people to understand how labor-intensive the process of making MarketPlace fabric is. Thank you for acknowledging the hard work of the artisans!

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