The Agra Tunic

The printing of the fabric used in 55C-01 is a complex procedure that involves a number of steps…and a final plot twist! 


The fabric is first stretched on the printing table.


Skilled artisans print lemon-yellow lines with a sponge using a wooden piece to keep the lines straight and equidistant.


A solution is applied on the white fabric, which creates gray lines between the yellow lines. 


A carved wooden block is used to print a zig-zag motif in deep brown at a particular distance.  Precise positioning is important, because…   


a second carved block is used to add a dot design in between. 


The lime yellow and grey are blind colors, meaning they change color when washed. The lime yellow turns into green and the grey to blue and the deep brown prints to black.  That’s a lot of steps and a lot of skill to achieve this beautiful and complicated pattern. 

Take a look at the final product!




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