The Divya Top

Hand embroidery plays a very important role in accomplishing our mission as well as in making all the products unique and individual. The embroidery is designed such that the stitches are easy to learn and can be refined with practice. Because the embroidery artisans can do their work at home, they have the flexibility to decide when to work while accomplishing their other household responsibilities and personal needs. 65% of the artisans are involved in hand embroidery.    


The style of the embroidery is designed to suit the fabric and garment. Sometimes it follows the pattern of the fabric prints to accentuate it or add an accent detail. In other cases, the embroidery design is freestyle and has to be stenciled on the fabric. This is mostly for solid color fabrics.


The embroidery is done meticulously and professionally. It is started with a double stitch and ended with a twisted stitch to avoid knots. If you look at the inside of the garment you will see that it is as neat as the front. 


Here are some pictures of Kalpana embroidering the Divya top.


  1. After reading about Kalpana and seeing the pictures of the embroidery process, I am going now to the website to purchase one of the Divya tops!

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