The Sunita Jacket

The Sunita Jacket is an impressive work of hand-block art. This jacket is so skillfully hand printed that there are no seams other than the shoulders, sides, and sleeves. The sleeves are sewn on because the width of the fabric is not wide enough. 


A self-weave (Dobbie) fabric is used that adds texture and interest.  5 wooden blocks carved with different patterns are used in this jacket. 


The fabric is stretched out on the printing table which is slightly padded so the block registers well. It is marked and the printing starts from the outside in.   

The block is dipped in wax and stamped on the fabric. When stamped on the white fabric, the wax is a slightly brown color. 


This is the front and sleeves

The wax-printed fabric is then dyed in black. All areas that are not covered with wax turn black.


The wax is then removed revealing the white fabric underneath and the design. It is then dried. 


The fabric is laid out on the cutting table. Because this is placement printing by hand, each jacket has to be cut individually. 


The paper pattern is used to mark the neck and front opening.


It is then cut

It is sewn


Maxzina Dacki of Ghar Udyog proudly shows off the Sunita Jacket she has sewn.


  1. I love seeing the process, thank you so much for sharing this! And I echo Lucy, above: I always get compliments on my MarketPlace clothes, and am sure to tell people where to come buy their own. So beautiful!

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