The Sikkim Jacket

So easy to throw over a tank, cami, t-shirt or even a light sweater, the Sikkim Jacket is a customer favorite. Its design incorporates three different fabrics and prints, all color coordinated and complementary. This remarkable style is further enhanced by the loose kimono sleeves.    

Here is an inside look at how the Sikkim Jacket is put together:    


All three fabrics must arrive before the garment is cut out. This requires a lot of planning and coordination with the fabric producers.    

Paper Pattern

Paper patterns are made for each of the fabrics in each of the sizes. They are placed on the fabrics, marked with tailor’s chalk.

After they are cut, they are measured again to check that the different pieces fit together properly. 


Then the pieces for each individual garment are collected and rolled up into a “kit” with the size marked on it.    

The kit then goes to the sewing artisan. First, she double checks that all of the pieces are included and correct. She will measure as she is sewing and trim off any excess fabric.    While this is not usually the case, some patterns do leave some extra fabric for adjustment. 

Ironed and Packed

The garment is embroidered, ironed and packed for quality check.

Masuda Khan of Sahara Collective proudly holds the Sikkim Jacket she has sewn.



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