Made with Love

We’ve been hearing a lot of stories from our customers lately about their favorite MarketPlace pieces. We decided to turn that around and ask the artisans to show off their favorite pieces and how they contributed to the final product!

Arifa Farushi:

“I love to embroider this mid-length cami because the cloth is so soft.  I’m happy to think the customer will be so comfortable wearing this cami I make.”


Rekha Verma:

“I really like the diamond shapes in the Ratna Dress cloth pattern.  I feel like that my embroidery increases the beauty of the dress and makes it special for the customers.”


Sushila Jaiswal:

“This Rupali top is perfect for summer, so cool and comfortable and lightweight.  The colors are fun, too, the pink embroidery on the purple, and I think women will enjoy wearing it.”


Safia Begam:

“Last time I made the Sonali top it was all one fabric.  I love that this season’s top combines four beautiful fabrics, with my embroidery adding richness and grace.”


Rekha Sonawala:

“It’s a pleasure to embroider the soft cloth of the Sunita jacket.  The needle and thread move so smoothly and my “sada taaa” and “lapet taaka” stitches enhance the jacket.  The color white stands for peace, too, making this jacket especially comfortable.”


Rukhasana Ansari:

“The Tulsi jacket’s color, design, and print are all very pretty and the fabric is so smooth.  But when I add my embroidery it transforms the jacket into something very special and beautiful.”


Do you have a favorite MarketPlace piece? Let us know what you love about it and we will share your comments with the artisans!


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