MarketPlace Best Friends

Friendship is an important part of the MarketPlace culture. In anticipation of Friendship Day, we will be highlighting the artisans’ best friends in their cooperative and sharing their stories of how they became so close!


“My best friend is Mansi Vaghmare because I can share all my secrets with her and trust that she won’t tell anyone.  I know she will always be there to help, whether at work or financially.” — Poonam Shukla


“Sharmila Sharma is my best friend because I enjoy her company.  She is my neighbor as well as my co-worker and she makes everything more fun, even shopping in the market or going together to the office.” — Priyanka Jaiswal


“Sheela Kori is like a kindred spirit.  We have the same likes and dislikes and we share everything.  But I know she will keep all my secrets.” — Babita Vishwakarma


“Laxmi Vishwakarma has been my friend for 16 years and we have shared every important moment of our lives and faced every challenge together.  And all the time her jolly nature has kept me laughing and feeling happy.” — Priyanka Medhe


“I like Maalti Gupta’s kind heart and loyalty and her ability to understand other people’s problems.  I feel like I can tell her anything, even all my opinions and doubts, and she will understand.” — Deepika Gond


“I always have fun with my best friend Sara Kaambli.  At work and outside of work, we help each other solve problems.  She always thinks before she speaks, which is a quality I admire and appreciate.” — Pranita Rane


“My best friend, Heera Bai More, is hard-working and generous despite having a difficult life.  I can share all my thoughts wither and she always helps me.” — Shaila Kambde


“Manisha Made is my best friend and I love her sweet and serene temperament.  I can learn a lot from her about how to deal with any situation calmly and without getting angry.” — Suneeta Jadav

Please share our MarketPlace culture with your best friend!

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