Armaan Club Overnight Camp

The children in the Armaan Club have the opportunity to expand their education through various workshops, outings, and activities. Indian schools are based on formal lectures and memorization, so the Armaan Club program aims to supplement the lessons in the classroom with more experience-based programming.

One recent example was a trip to an overnight camp, where the children learned about local plants and animals and had the opportunity to build stronger relationships with their friends.

Here are some photos from their camp!

If you would like to donate to future Armaan Club programs, visit our website.


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment on our blog. We are delighted that you find our organization to be “great”!

      We do have a direct link from the Blog to our shopping website. Go to the Menu at the top of the page. Under “About Us,” you will see a link labeled “Shop.” That takes you to our website where all our products are available for viewing and purchase. You can also visit is directly through this link:

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