Behind the Scenes: Meet Rasika Urav

For six years Rasika Urav has been a reliable presence in all 3 of the MarketPlace/SHARE offices in Mumbai.  She is responsible for cleaning the offices every morning, working from 8:15 to 11:30.  After that, she goes home to cook for her family and take care of her house.

As a young woman, Rasika lived in Goregaon in north Mumbai and worked for a pen company.  When she married 17 years ago, she could no longer travel to her job and had to give it up.  Her household includes her husband, their daughter and a son from her husband’s first marriage.  Her daughter is still in school, in Standard 10.  Her stepson has graduated and works in an office.

Her husband works as a helper in an office not too far from MarketPlace.  While he gives Rasika Rs. 100 every day to run the house, he keeps most of his salary.  This is insufficient to maintain the family, so Rasika looked for an opportunity to return to work.  The only other option was to borrow from neighbors, with no clear way to repay them.

img_2789When she began working at MarketPlace, Rasika was too shy to even reply when staff members wished her good morning.  But now she happily interacts with everyone.  Her daughter has also gotten involved, participating in Armaan Club activities such as soccer matches and judo classes.

SHARE helped Rasika open her first bank account.  “I had never saved a penny,” she says, “But now I have just deposited Rs. 2000 in that account and I will start saving a little from my pay.” She is proud to be associated with MarketPlace/SHARE and credits her work there with helping her become socially and financially independent.


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