Behind the Scenes: Our Sewing Process

MarketPlace works with 7 different cooperatives to produce our amazing collection of clothing and accessories. Each independent group’s membership consists of artisan tailors and embroiderers. The tailors work at their Mandal (workshop) while the embroiderers can take the work home.

Let us take you, step by step, through the creation of our  Rajwa Skirt:


The fabric is laid out in multiple layers on the cutting table.


The paper pattern is placed in such a way that the maximum fabric is utilized.  The aim is to minimize waste, but, of course, the scraps will be upcycled into our chindi products.

The different pieces of the pattern are marked with tailor’s chalk.

If the layer stack is thin enough, the artisan will use scissors to cut out the shapes.  For thicker stacks a cutting machine is used.


All of the pieces are divided into bundles, each of which consists of all of the components for one individual garment with the size clearly marked. These bundles are given to the tailor.


The tailor starts piecing the fabric components together.


The tailor measures as she goes along.

This is a rather complicated skirt with many joints, pockets, and drawstring



The artisans do not work on an assembly line.  Each tailor makes the entire product herself.  The tailors have told us that doing it this way, completing a whole garment, gives them a real sense of satisfaction.


Here is Sheila proudly showing the Rajwa Skirt she has made.

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