Meet the Artisans: Manasi

28-year old Manasi Mangesh Wagmare has worked as a tailor with Nirman Group for 3 ½ years.  This employment has drastically changed her circumstances.

Before joining the cooperative, Manasi was a housewife who stayed at home and was totally dependent on her husband.  However, because he was not earning enough to fulfill their financial needs she began to work at Nirman.  MarketPlace’s social programs and the support of her fellow artisans encouraged Manasi to think about her role in the family and her financial responsibilities.  This gave her the courage and information to confront her husband about spending and saving money.  Afterwards, Manasi became the one in charge of the family finances, and with careful management and a savings plan she has improved her family’s standard of living.  She has even been able to invest in some extras, such as a nice mangalasutra (a necklace symbolizing a woman’s marriage) for herself and a gold chain for her daughter.  Being financially independent has earned Manasi her husband’s respect and the power to make decisions to improve life for her family.


  1. After many years of enjoying a few garments from these beautiful women, I have made the decision to wear mainly the clothing they make. I love that my money can help them, I love the clothing they design and make, and I love telling my friends about Marketplace: India! I especially like the embroidery details on the clothing, and the bright blues, reds and pinks. I am Sally, age 72. I have 6 grown children, 15 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. I have been teaching yoga for 27 years. I wish I could visit India and meet the women who make my clothes! Thank you!

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