Recycle with MarketPlace

We are excited to share some creative recycled crafts made by the artisans! In this workshop, the women fashioned household items using recycled materials, including paper, CDs and bottles to make coasters and planters.

Bottle Planters

This space saving planter is made by cutting the side of a plastic bottle and filling it with soil. Tie a few of them together for a unique planter set!

Bottle Broom

With a few cuts and a little creativity, some plastic bottles and a stick have been transformed into a low-cost, functional broom!

CD Coasters

This project turns an old CD into a beautiful new coaster! The artisan’s individuality comes out in each symmetrical design!

Paper Coasters

Our final  project turns paper into spiraled coasters! Newspaper is rolled up into small tubes and twisted into a spiral. Once they are joined together, they can be painted to match any color scheme!

What are some of your favorite DIY or recycling projects? Share some photos with us using #RecyclewithMarketPlace!

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