An update on the Armaan Club

The Armaan Club takes change into the next generation. Through a comprehensive program of enriching experiences, mentoring, life-skills instruction and educational and career advice, the Armaan Club is a means to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment for the children of the artisans. It was formed in collaboration with the artisans to help their children succeed and blossom.

Here are some of their recent workshops and activities!

Social Media Workshop


Social media is a great tool to connect people around the world, but it also has its risks. Here the children are learning how to use social media in a safe and rewarding way.

Managing Stage Fright

In a workshop on personality, the children were taught techniques on how to manage stage fright. Their smiles tell us they’re doing just fine!

Career Preparation Workshop

In a career workshop, the children learned how to be prepared to have a successful career after they are done with school.

Building Trust in Group Settings

Trust and confidence within a group setting are valuable traits. Here the children learned to work together and feel comfortable with communicating with each other.

Dance Lessons


You can build confidence through many different activities, including a dance lesson!

Recreation Activities

A little fun and games are needed every now and then! Here’s a shot from a club recreation event!

End of the Year Picnic

In celebration of a successful year, the Armaan Club members were treated to a day at the amusement park!

What can you make possible for the next generation? Donate to the Armaan Club today!

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