From Mumbai to Baltimore: How our products make their way to your home

Extreme care for our products doesn’t end after the artisans create them.


Following the artisan led quality control process,  boxes full of the new products are shipped by air to Baltimore. It is there that they are unpacked, making sure all of the products made it safely to the Serrv warehouses.





We have been proud partners with Serrv, one of the first Fair Trade Organizations in the United States, for a long time. They began doing our fulfillment in 2012 and their assistance has helped us provide better service for our customers.


With their large operation, Serrv has state-of-the-art hardware and software programs, excellent customer care representatives and warehouse staff and premises.

After processing all of the incoming products, they are shelved and wait for one of them to catch your eye on our website or in our catalogue! Once you place your order, the Serrv representatives pack it up and send it on its way to you.

The next step of the process is all about you! Take a moment to explore our current catalog line here:

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