Quality through leadership

Quality control is at the heart of the MarketPlace products and mission. The artisans take pride in their work and through rotation of leadership roles, they hold everyone to a high standard. The women have just finished up a quality control cycle for the 2016 Spring Collection, so here is an inside look into that process.

Each group has three to four artisans who have been trained in the quality control process. These artisans check the products before they leave their group. Then all the products are checked again before they are packed and shipped to Chicago. One artisan from each group is part of this process.

With all of the necessary information and tools in hand, the process begins!


Upon delivery from each group, the products are counted and organized.

Embroidery is the first to be checked by artisans who work on the embroidery. They check to see if there are any loose ends and ensure the embroidery is in the right place, the right size, and the right color.


The sewing is checked next by artisans skilled in sewing. They check to make sure the measurements match the different sizes and tags, as well as check the thread color and machine stitching. If the problems can be repaired it is set aside.


Once the products pass these tests, they are ready to be packed for shipping. To ensure efficient unpacking in the U.S., careful thought is given to which products go in each box.  Each box will contain as many of the same SKU and size as possible.  The boxes include a detailed pack list and the outside is clearly marked.


The boxes are then weighed by the team and again by the shipping company. Then, many forms of documentation are prepared and the products are off to Chicago!

To finish out the process, the artisans on the quality control team complete a report for the goods sent by each group. This report helps in any follow up training needed to keep the quality up to MarketPlace standards.

We’re excited to share the next catalog line with you soon!




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