Justin Beiber Fan and Karate Kid- Rupa!

I recently gave my tenth grade exams and I have a long summer vacation ahead of me. I’ve been keeping myself busy with the summer workshops at MarketPlace. So far I’ve participated in an art competition, a craft making session and I also got to watch The Karate Kid! The Armaan Club arranged the film screening for those of us who have been learning karate for the last few months. I love that I have been able to learn a useful skill and it makes me proud to tell my friends that I have such an interesting hobby. All girls should learn karate for self defense! My friends and I no longer feel scared walking on the streets because our reflexes are pretty well trained now.

In a few months I will be in junior college studying science. I am passionate about computers and learning new software programs like Microsoft office. So my natural choice for further studies was computer science. I hope to become a software engineer soon and follow my dreams! My family has been very supportive about this and they always advise me to get more information about my career choices and speak to experts in the field.

One of the things I hope to accomplish before school opens is learning guitar. I love everything to do with dance and music. Justib Beiber is my idol and absolutely adore the way he sings!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story, Rupa! I smiled when I learned of your self-defense skills. Good luck with your studies. Who knows, maybe we will run into each other some day when you are a computer engineer.
    Joan Saniuk
    Adjunct professor of applied mathematics, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA USA

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