Meet Artisan Priyanka Medhe!

Priyanka Medhe, 33. Sahara Cooperative


I gave birth to a child almost 10 years after I got married. This is a big issue in our society and I was subjected to taunts and insults for years because I hadn’t produced a child. Neighbors and relatives would advise my husband to leave me and marry someone else. This was obviously very traumatizing but I was lucky to have a good husband who supported me and in laws who were considerate. I now have a 5 year old girl and I have great dreams for her.

I was only able to go to school till the 7th grade. When I was 10 I started working part time at a small toy factory. Our family was very large so we had to work to support the household. I would go to school for a few hours and then skip the rest of the classes to work. This went on for a couple of years and I finally dropped out of school. I remember someone had offered to put me through nursing school if I finished 10th grade. But I was a silly girl and at the time I didn’t see any value in studying further.

My husband does not have a permanent job- he does odd jobs in the transportation industry sometimes or works as a cook for big events and parties. So his income has never been very regular. I used to work in small tailoring shops in the nearby slums and would earn a little to supplement our income. But since I came to MarketPlace my income has become stable and I am now responsible for our household expenses.

In the last 4 years, since joining MarketPlace, my self confidence has increased remarkably. I used to be very shy and couldn’t even get myself to speak to people. In the beginning I would be very scared of performing in plays with the artisans. But I find myself less and less scared each month and now I volunteer to take part in plays and other activities. I hope someday in the future I can start a tailoring workshop, employ women like me and make a difference in their lives.

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