Shraddha’s Plans for the Summer and Beyond

(Shraddha Gupta, 15, years old, daughter of artisan Malati Gupta, WARE. )
shraddha 1
I just gave my 10th grade exams and am on vacation for the next 4 months till we start junior college (11th grade). I am going to study Commerce for 2 years before I start college. I have a pretty clear plan for what I will do in the next few years. I want to study Business Management in college with a few internships thrown in.


I think the real world experience will serve me well when I look for a job. I want to intern with a big name like Procter & Gamble because there are so many people who are unemployed, and I want to give employers a reason to hire me. Eventually I want to start my own business in something that has a lot of scope in the market.


I think the only challenge for the next few months will be to overcome the boredom of the long summer days. It’s usually too hot to go outside and play so we spend our days indoors. At night we play football in the field next to the house with other kids from the Armaan Club and some of the neighbors’ kids.


Recently some boy passed an annoying comment when he saw me playing football. He told me that I was a grown up girl and shouldn’t be playing with kids all day. I asked him if there was a book in which there were rules for what girls can or cannot do. A lot of people have an opinion on things I do, but my parents are very open-minded and I just ignore the rest.


The Armaan Club also has some exciting things planned for us this summer. There are a lot of courses on offer for us to pick from- crafts, beautician etc. I have chosen a 4 month long beautician course and I’m looking forward to the experience.


I really really wanted to learn how to play guitar this summer, but learning any musical instrument is very expensive. A few kids I know want to learn the guitar as well, and we’re still looking for a cheaper option.


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