Serrv Day 3 - UKK visit - 15 april 12 (41)

People @SHARE and MarketPlace, India

This week let’s meet some of the competent, happy people who work at SHARE and MarketPlace in Mumbai.


We begin our introductions with Delphine Fernandes who has worked with us since 1996. Delphine, better known as ‘Del’, is the Office Manager and handles all administrative responsibilities.   Del lives with her husband and 19 year old son. You can always rely on her to get anything done and she has solved some very complicated situations with her soft spoken and persuasive manner.

ImageSheethal John is the Assistant Director at MP. We asked Sheethal why she loves working for MP and here’s what she said, “The greatest part about this job is that I get to be part of a process of empowering women in the areas of finance and social development. It is wonderful to see women improving their skills and talents and utilizing them to generate income for their families. “ Sheethal lives with her husband, who runs a Human Resources company.  Sheethal has also played basketball and throw ball at a national level!

ImageBhakti Kabre is the Program Coordinator at MarketPlace since 2010. Her understanding of the women has helped introduce several social development programs for them. Bhakti helps us identify new artisans, coordinates with producer groups and helps with group building and problem solving activities. Bhakti has been overseeing the activities of the Armaan Club for the kids of the artisans. “I really enjoyed the eco Ganesha workshop we did with the kids. And the recent Ration Rights workshop for the women was an important program for them.” Bhakti lives with her parents and twin sister Bhairavi who works at Kotak Education Foundation.

ImageKala Darji, works in the Design & Production department. Kala is a graduate in Home Science with a major in Textiles & Clothing. Her major responsibilities include getting new samples ready and documenting style specifications and costing. Kala is in charge of the design workshop and checks samples, trains new trainees and trains women on quality checking. Kala worked on the recycled “chindi” collection recently that will be launched late October.

ImageHasina Saifi has been with MP for 25 years as Office Assistant. Hasina says, “I love working at MarketPlace because there is no discrimination on the basis of religion.” Hasina studied in an Urdu medium school as a child but she started learning English when she joined MP. “I got some books home and learnt how to use the computer. I now maintain accounts, keep track of artisans’ work hours, wages during the design workshop, scan documents and get bills paid.” Hasina’s husband walked away from the family years back and married another woman. To this day he has not given her a divorce.  Hasina raised her son and daughter single handedly.

One thought on “People @SHARE and MarketPlace, India

  1. Very, very proud to hear from these women about their success stories. They not only are role models for the community in India but for me too personally- reminds me each day, anything when doen with passion and dedication, can only lead to immense success and gratification. Cheers to the MarketPlace women for keeping the spirits in my kindled!!

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