Sewing Training for New Artisans- Make a Donation Today!

With every product you buy from MarketPlace, the artisan cooperatives are able to employ more women to develop the garments and accessories you see in our catalogs. Even with markets being slow during the recession of the last few years, MarketPlace has been able to sustain its growth and as a result the women and their children have been able to participate in social development programs like Global Dialog, Social Action and the Armaan Club for children; thus enriching their lives and changing their communities.

When women first come to MarketPlace, they have a basic knowledge of sewing but need training and practice to reach the standards of quality that you expect to see in our products. Women who are otherwise considered “umemployable” start as trainees and undergo a sewing training program for a period of 2 months.

The training program still allows new trainees to earn while they sew simple products, but they are slow and hence are provided a stipend. In about 2 months, trainees are able to reach a skill level that allows them to make a decent wage. The stipend ensures that they stay motivated and can still earn while they learn.

You can be a part of this growth by helping us cover the stipend money.

$25 will cover stipend costs for one trainee for one month

$50 will cover stipend costs for one trainee, training costs (given by a seasoned artisan) and materials.

$100 will cover entire 2-month training costs for one trainee, setting her well on her way to earn and empower herself and her family.

So, make a donation today and help us expand our reach and bring about more lasting change for  women artisans and their children. Click here to make a donation:

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