MarketPlace Weekend Street Style

By Tessa Tsarong-Blomker and Julie Han, Junior Board Members

What I really like about MarketPlace apparel is that it’s so effortless to wear. You can just throw on a tunic and immediately you’re wearing a beautiful piece of work. On top of that, it’s incredibly comfortable!  That’s how I like my weekends and I think MarketPlace clothing especially fits the bill.

We chose to shoot the Nafisa Tunic in both black and white.  We loved the simple design, dynamic shape,and how easy they both were to incorporate into our wardrobes.

Since the Nafisa Tunic in white is so simple, we decided that we could be bolder with other parts of our outfit. We chose to wear it with a pair of colorful jeans to make things more interesting. We also accessorized it with the slouchy Chloé Paraty bag adding to the ease of this uncomplicated look. We could also easily pair this tunic with a neutral pant (think blue or black denim or even khaki) and add colorful accessories to brighten up the outfit. This tunic makes for a blissfully simple-to-style weekend ensemble.



When we styled the Nafisa in black we decided to go with a more traditional route: dark denim and a bright ethnic necklace.By doing that we retained a bohemian esthetic but created a more put-together look.  I think it’s the perfect outfit for a casual weekend brunch with girlfriends. If you want to take it up a notch, wedge espadrilles and a simple set of silver jewelry would serve you well.

Don’t forget to grab your own Nafisa tunic for the summer before they sell out!  Like many of your favoriteMarketPlaceitems they are deliciously soft and so lightweight it hardly feels like you’re wearing anything.  It’s perfect for those sweltering hotdays where you actually feel like wearing nothing – the bonus is the Nafisaleaves you with your modesty intact. 😉

One comment

  1. I have recently found Marketplace India and am extremely happy with the clothes I just got and plan on ordering more. I’ve traveled in India and find it incredible. I found your web site because I was looking for a present for my sister after having seen “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with her. She especially liked the more subtle colors and designs that Judi Densch wore which I now see on this post. This movie has swept the Baby Boomers by storm and I found many other posts online looking for clothes like Judi Densch’s. Although I am very appreciative of your artisans’ talents a side line like the one I mentioned might reach a wide audience in the United States.

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