MarketPlace Street Style: Accessories!

-by Tessa Tsarong-Blomker and Julie Han, Junior Board Members

We were very excited to get our hands on the new catalog’s accessories. With the warmer weather upon us, and new outfits to show off, we were eager to pair our new digs with some of MarketPlace’s Spring/Summer accessories. Since color reigns supreme this season it was simple to find items to go with our new wardrobe. MarketPlace merchandise always adds a dash of color to any outfit but this season the accessories are particularly on target with bold and bright colors (especially the scarves)!


First we chose the vibrant Spring Green and White Scarf to layer on top of bright tops and printed shorts.  We were surprised how versatile the scarf was and how well it worked with many different colors. We decided to show it with two different tops to illustrate.  It will definitely be our go-to scarf of the season!











We were also happy to see such a cute bag in the mix.  The Chindi Mala Bag is my personal favorite accessory this season.  It’s the perfect size when you’re running around doing quick errands and it looks so pretty. I love the stylish long strap and the structured square shape.  It also fits the essentials: cash, cards, keys, and phone.  The bonus: you don’t have to dig in a bottom-less pit of a purse to find what you’re looking for!


The last item we chose to work with for this shoot was the Chindi Necklace.  It adds an artistic aesthetic to any outfit. I love that it can be layered with other necklaces and also on it’s own. We wanted to include a close-up picture of the necklace because not only did we like its style but also because the detail of the cloth and colors that were chosen are just gorgeous.  This is a piece of jewelry that makes a statement and is certainly worth a closer look.

We’re looking forward to incorporating more of these beautiful accessories in our future posts.  Stay tuned!

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