Potluck on Employee Appreciation Day!

Last Saturday we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day at MarketPlace – MarketPlace Style! MarketPlace President, Pushpika Freitas, Lalita Monteiro, Vice-President and   designer, Adele Mattern were also visiting Mumbai to work on the fall collection. And so we decided to mix things up a little and have a little potluck lunch at work!

All the heads of the producer groups were present and everyone was dressed up for the event. Lunch was laid out and everyone brought something so there was a LOT of food- there were Maharashtrian delicacies like puran poli (a sort of bread stuffed with chickpeas and jiggery), there was Chicken Biriyani (rice cooked with chicken and saffron), soy nuggets cooked in Indian spices, coconut chutney, chilla (little pancakes made of gram flour) with a tamarind dip and various Indian desserts. As it turns out, the artisans at MarketPlace are talented even in the kitchen. Even the men. So it was no surprise that it took very little persuasion for people to take second and third helpings.

Everyone sat around on the floor of the office in true desi (Indian) style and ate their food. During lunch Pushpika and Lalita took turns talking about each of the artisans present. Even though MarketPlace does not have a conventional boss- employee structure, everyone agreed that it was a great opportunity to show their appreciation for each other’s work.

There was a special surprise in store for Bhakti, our Program Manager, for her hard work these last few months. All the development programs at MarketPlace are organized and managed by Bhakti and she has single handedly taken the kids’ Armaan Club places. Pushpika gave Bhakti a small token of appreciation for the great job she has been doing.

It was an exciting Saturday afternoon and we’re looking forward to many more such fun days at MarketPlace!

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