Out with the Old…Along With the New?

As my tastes in fashion have changed over the years, I realize I have a lot of plain t-shirts in my closet that frequently go overlooked as I opt for more trendy and patterned prints and styles.  The plain t-shirts that I do have are items that I’ll use for layering underneath other tops or jackets, or for just lazing around the house.  I’ve recently discovered that layering my t-shirts is the perfect way to take advantage of Marketplace’s many beautiful jackets!  The versatile jackets can be teamed up with layering old plain tops in your wardrobe to really make a bold statement.  Here I’m wearing the lovely Malati jacket, made from cotton voile over my old black t-shirt.


The navy and magenta colors in this light and airy jacket are subtle yet classically hip and really pop with jeans and the dangly earrings I’m wearing.  That bright magenta stripe is extra meaningful because it is hand-painted by our famous and courageous women artisans in Mumbai!  For the milder spring days that are finally upon us, make sure to check out your new Spring Catalog that should be in your mailboxes soon if not already.  There are a lot of new, ageless jacket styles that can add a little flair to the tired old items in your wardrobe!  What colors would you combine with a Marketplace jacket that catches your eye?  I personally am eying the Sakina jacket as my next experiment; lavender or even a rosy pink would look like a really great compliment to those white and blue hues…

One comment

  1. I have several plain dresses too that work well with the jackets, vests, and even loose tops over them. Easy packing for travel too. Thanks!

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