Spring Catalog 2012!

Our new Spring Catalog is here! And we’ve got some exciting new styles, colors and prints for you!

As always, the hand embroidery is more than just a beautiful detail and our styles are timeless and universal.  The elementally simple shapes have been inspired by the wisdom of traditional dress from around the world, created with gorgeous hand printing, beautiful colors and breezy light cottons.

Don’t forget to browse through our new range of accessories made from recycled materials. Our Chindis (fabric left over from cutting the garments) are used to create some beautiful avatars.  Recycling has always been a way of life in India and the women have taken on the task to find new and innovative ways to create fun and beautiful treasures.

MarketPlace President, Pushpika Freitas sums up the essence of this catalog, “I look at the evolution of the designs of our clothes, the fabrics and the exclusive hand embroidery and I think about how they transcend age and generations.  Today we can choose how we dress and, how we project our perceived age through our appearance, our actions, our values and our lifestyles.  The lack of restrictions and strict norms is refreshing for both young and old resulting in a blending of comfort and style, universal and individual, daring and convention.  Every item in this catalog has message, a meaning, an understanding, a story that you can make your own.”

So look out for the catalog in your mail! Happy shopping!!

One comment

  1. It’s always such a pleasure to receive your catalogue. I’ve been wearing lovely clothes from Marketplace of India for many years now. I take good care of each item because I think of each piece as wearable art. i especially enjoyed your email regarding hand embroidery. I used to embroider my daughters’ clothing when they were little. Now, as an older woman, it’s my turn to look elegant in your beautiful hand embroidered pieces. Thank you to all the special women who are true artists and well as skilled artisans. Bless you all!

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