Day in the Life of Radha

Radha’s day begins at 6 am. She makes breakfast and packs lunch for the kids- who leave for school at 7 am. Radha does her “puja” at 7:30 am- offering prayers to the household gods- as she lights a diya and recites some Sanskrit bhajans to thank God and asks him to bless her family.

At 8 am she cooks lunch for the family and heads out to work by 9:40 am.


Radha’s work days are always action packed. From cutting fabric to sewing at the machine to finishing and ironing garments- there is always something to do!

Especially during the dreaded QC (quality checking)- Radha goes home late every evening when garments are checked for quality before being sent off to Chicago. Radha’s role in the QC is huge- she checks the garments for stitching and embroidery quality with the help of the other women and matches the pieces with the original samples. She communicates with the heads of the artisan groups and ensures that the pieces are altered accordingly and re-checked before packing. At MarketPlace, our QC ladies really take all the responsibility of ensuring that shipments are thoroughly checked each time!


The occasional chaibreak helps keep Radha invigorated.

On her way home, Radha stops by the grocery store. And on days she leaves work on time, she meets her younger kids- Rupa and Rohit- at the neighborhood park to play with them.

Radha’s mother-in-law, who is visiting from the village, has recently had eye surgery and needs Radha to apply her eye drops for her. Many women, like Radha, are caught in the Sandwich Generation- caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children.

Her oldest son, Kundan is teaching her how to use the computer these days.

Radha’s daughter, like any self-respecting teenager, is obsessed with Justin Beiber. Radha is still coming to terms with this teenage preoccupation with a pop star!

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