Versatility and Fashion

By Junior Board Member Nidhi Puri


My favorite thing about fashion is it allows you to show your creativity through what you wear. You get to make a creative statement, just by getting up and putting on an outfit in the morning!

Recently, I had some wardrobe fun with MarketPlace’s Garima skirt.  This knee-length skirt is full of different color shades, patterns, and designs. It comes in assorted colors, and I picked the black and white shades. In the past, I’ve worn this skirt with a plain colored shirt, either tucking it in and adding a big belt, or even leaving the shirt tucked out. On this day though, I thought with the color blocks, it could also double as a great tube dress! I put on a black cotton tank top and pulled the skirt up to become a dress. It went down to my knees, so I put on brown knee-high leather boots and added a brown belt to add some more color variation and match the boots. I even added a black beanie hat, and voila! What a great new outfit!

I think the versatility of the Garima skirt is true for many of MarketPlace’s items. The fabrics and fits compliment several body types and allow clothing to be interpreted with individual creative style. The Garima skirt is great for casual days for staying in, or exciting nights for going out! I think the next time I wear the Garima skirt as a dress, I’ll try and incorporate a blazer and some bright jewelry!

Thanks, Garima skirt, for always helping my creative juices!

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