Armaan Club Kids Go to Camp!

Forty kids from Armaan Club couldn’t have asked for anything more from Santa this Christmas!! And they had their mothers to thank for the 3 day camp to Karjat, a beautiful town about two hours outside of Mumbai. The camp was organized by Magic Bus Foundation. The objective of the program was to teach the kids about friendship and its many virtues.

Karjat is a popular weekend getaway spot and is famous for river rafting, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. This was a welcome change for the Armaan Club kids- a complete contrast to their cramped living conditions in crowded Mumbai.


Shraddha Gupta, 13, of Armaan Club tells us about her experience at camp: “I had an awesome time at camp! The three days went by so quickly- we barely sat still for a minute when we were there. We did rock climbing, rapelling, went on nature trails, played football and also did some star gazing! And the food was amazing! I can’t wait to go camping again.”

Rohit Sharma, 11, had the most fun making clay models of local clay and water. “I made a lot of great friends at camp. I was so scared of hanging by a rope when we were being taught rapelling, but I closed my eyes and did it anyway!”


The kids were encouraged to use twigs, clay, flowers, and other things they could find lying around to create anything they liked. The importance of conservation was explained to them by limiting the quantity of water they could use for clay modeling. The food served at camp was based on a planned nutritional chart and as Shraddha puts it, “We just couldn’t get enough of the yummy food served to us! But the chocolates Santa gave us on the last day were the cherry on the cake!”

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