Sevrina- A Silent Tale of Strength

Sevrina is a skilled seamstress. She loves to sing and dance. Her smile is one of the brightest in any room. And she always carries chocolates in her purse, and will offer you one if you happen to meet her.

These are not the only unique things about her. Sevrina is almost completely deaf and has very little power of speech. She lost her hearing after an ear and throat infection when she was a young girl. She continued to go to school till the 6th grade but stopped after her needs became too different from the rest of her classmates. Hearing aids give her a headache so she has learnt to do without them. She lives with her father, brothers and sisters in Mumbai and has worked as an artisan for MarketPlace for 21 years now.

Sevrina has struggled with many challenges because of her disability. She limits her movements to her home and MarketPlace as much as she can because she feels uncomfortable in crowded places. But she does make it a point to go to church every Sunday. “I love going to church and sing hymns”, says Sevrina. In fact she is very passionate about singing in general. Sevrina’s performance at the last Artisan’s Day at MarketPlace took a lot of courage and confidence. “I love to dance and act. I had the best time participating in the fashion show recently held at MarketPlace.”

Life, Shakespeare said, is full of sound and fury. While that is true for most of us, Sevrina’s story proves that we can skip the sound and fury and still find meaning in our lives!

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