Fall Transitions

by Nicole Patel and Julie Han, Junior Board Members.

Like children going through their candy bags on Halloween, Julie and I spent the weekend eagerly ravaging through MarketPlace’s fall clothing line. As the days get shorter, and people’s moods potentially grumpier, I’m hoping my family, friends, and colleagues will explore MarketPlace’s fall collection of happy colors and bold, creative patterns as Julie and I did.

Make no mistake, the Malati jacket, will make you feel like an artist, scholar, and fashionista all at once. I paired the jacket with a metal necklace I purchased from a craftsman in eastern India and my favorite high-heeled fall boots. Swimming in comfort and style, I was reluctant to take this outfit off.

Next Julie paired the elegant, loose-fitting Tulsi Top (dusty plum color) with a classic gold and black bead necklace. The result: Julie absolutely glowed in this ensemble. The outfitlooks effortless and natural—and it is. She too is sporting brown boots—though I’m confident this shirt would look just as sharp with dress pants and dress shoes.

This bright Latika Shirt (jade, multi-colored) top has the comfort of cotton and the familiarity of the traditional long-sleeve button down. The patched geometric patterns from the neckline, along with the simple block prints, speak loudly and memorably. I found a blue-beaded circular ring to complement the shirt’s geometric shapes. This top exudes strength and warmth; confidence and curiosity; as well as personality and energy. (Yes, I spent a lot of time analyzing this shirt and coming to this conclusion—it mesmerized me!)

As we played around with so many wonderful new fall designs, Julie and I commiserated about how our existing wardrobes are full of plain white, grey or black tops. We love our dark, solid-colored shirts but wished our accessories did a better job of spicing them up. And then…low and behold, Julie discovered the Infinity Scarf! This unique scarf is effortless—wrap it twice around your neck, grab a pair of earrings, stand up tall and smile as Julie did. You’ll look dynamite and soon be digging through your closet to find other tops to enliven.

Waking up on a chilly fall morning stinks. With these low maintenance yet stylish outfits, you will wow your peers without expending much time getting ready in the morning. All of these selections were effortless, comfortable, and smart. As far as I’m concerned, fall can’t come soon enough because I’m dying to see everyone around me wearing these feel good threads.

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