Artisans’ Day – Part 2

Enjoyment has always been a part of MarketPlace’s philosophy. Twice a year the artisans and staff in Mumbai celebrate Artisans’ Day. As described below, the events started off with the distribution of certificates and the performance of a play on Domestic Violence.

After this came the very exciting Fancy Dress Competition! The artisans had put together a very interesting display of famous women personalities – everyone from television producer Ekta Kapoor to the first Indian woman in space, Kalpana Chawla, to politician Sonia Gandhi, an ancient Indian queen Jhansi ki Rani and Mother Teresa was present.

The women used their creativity to put together costumes that helped them to look the part. Then, to everyone’s amazement, they even spoke the part! They had prepared little speeches to educate the audience about who they were, what they did, and what obstacles they had overcome in their personal struggle to achieve what they did.

After this inspirational performance, MarketPlace president Pushpika Freitas addressed the audience. This was followed by a prize distribution ceremony and handing out of certificates of appreciation. The day had come to an end but many of the women had made new beginnings and discovered hidden talents that they had probably never thought themselves capable of possessing. Here’s to their courage, talent and perseverance – and to the next Artisan’s Day!

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