Fall Fashion Ideas from MarketPlace: Take Your Wardrobe in Surprising New Directions

Ikat Scarf

by Julie

It’s that time of year again: fall. A part of me dreads the chilly weather here in Chicago, but it’s also a chance to cozy up and change my look. Nicole and I got together this drizzly day in September to try on a few MarketPlace Fall Collection pieces to show you how we would wear them.

What I love most about MarketPlace clothes are the many opportunities to spot something unexpected. The first time I saw the Ikat Scarf, it didn’t seem extraordinary. But then I put it on, and wow! The pattern is so simple, and the colors are very subtle, but it’s unmistakably fall and undeniably finds a snug place in your wardrobe.

Priya Skirt

This Priya Skirt is both classic and quirky! Fall is a great time to wear skirts, either with flats or maybe boots. And this black and white skirt is very versatile. Here, I combine it with a slouchy cashmere sweater, a multicolored belt, and my velvet flats. Simple, but cute.>

Nafisa Tunic

We found a couple of items that looked fantastic on Nicole’s tall figure. The first she tried on is the Nafisa Tunic, which has an eye-catching blue and plum hue. She paired it with a fun tan belt, her Bolivian necklace, and boots. We’ve noticed a lot of patterns being worn this fall, and this is an outstanding example.

The simple but striking Seema Kurta worn by Nicole below is very elegant. The color is a smokey grey and the texture is soft and drapes quite perfectly on Nicole. We paired it with a narrow belt and some simple geometric earrings. The tunic is solid colored, wears more like a dress, and reaches down to the knee. It works well with leggings and a nice pair of heels.

Think of the MarketPlace catalog as a palette of ideas that you too can use to liven up your fall wardrobe!

Seema Kurta

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