Art is a Universal Language: Manisha and Shaily at the Museum

Language barriers can be a challenge to overcome. But who needs words when you have a picture? During the Chicago visit of MarketPlace artisans Shaily and Manisha, the Junior Board took them to the The Art Institute of Chicago; for everyone the experience was illuminating and a joy! This was the first ever museum experience for both visitors and they were suprised and impressed by the size and diversity of the collection.

At the Miniatures Exhibit

We started our shared experience in the Thorne Miniatures room. Both women enjoyed the careful craftmanship and all the detail that went into creating this exhibit. Manisha appreciated seeing how things looked in the 17th and 18th centuries, especially things like their kitchens and dining rooms. Shaily was taken by the Medieval and Renaissance periods exhibit and wanted pictures by all the armor and arms.

Naturally, we visited the Textile Department. Here we saw Kimonos on display. Manisha and Shaily enjoyed each and every Kimono, appreciating both the beauty of the fabric and designs, and the process through which they were created. Because of Manisha’s expertise as a MarketPlace artisan, she was able to decipher through careful observation how the fabric had been created before the Junior Board finished reading the materials explaining the exhibit! This part of the visit turned into a lesson in fabric making, with Manisha and Shaily doing the teaching and the Junior Board eagerly soaking up their knowledge.Lastly, we shared together from the museum steps the great views of the Chicago skyline and Millennium Park. We all stood silently for a few moments taking in the beauty.

Visiting Artisans with their Junior Board Hosts

– Junior Board Member Nidhi Singhal

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