Combating Domestic Violence with Chindi Bags

Now that warmer weather is here, we can look forward to outdoorsy events like picnics, barbecues, lazy days at the beach and summer festivals and fairs.  On the first nice spring day in Chicago, it was the perfect time to debut Marketplace’s stylish multipurpose Chindi bags.  Chindi is a term in Hindi that means traditional weaving with leftover scraps of cotton strips.  Upcycling, the process of converting waste materials into new products, is just a new term for the old concept of Chindi that’s been around for centuries in India!

This spring, Marketplace has introduced two Chindi bags—the  Womanshare and Marketshare bags that have a value that goes much beyond upcycling.  The bags also represent empowerment, fair trade, sustainable change, and the ability for us all to come together and combat domestic violence.

The Womanshare Bag

Spring day in the park with my Womanshare bag
Going home with my Womanshare bag

The Womanshare Bags are made from leftover fabric scraps that showcases an assortment of unique textiles creatively put together by the artisans according to their vision. When you order a Womanshare Bag, each one you receive upon your order is a surprise as no two bags are alike.  I enjoyed my own unique Womanshare bags; the yellow and blue were bright and fun at the park and on my way home. With long cotton straps, they were roomy and held all my things that I’d need for a spring day strolling around the city.

The Marketshare Bag

The Marketshare Bag

Each Marketshare Bag showcases an assortment of well-known and loved Marketplace textiles put together by the artisans—each one is unique and one-of-a-kind.  The bag conveys a powerful message that is sewn on the front—that each of us can contribute to a greater good.  With your purchase, the bag can ultimately serve as a bridge to stop domestic violence globally in India AND the United States.  All proceeds go toward the development of domestic violence initiatives in India.

So, this summer use these bags as a statement to stop domestic violence in India and the United States.  Together, it’s possible to fight domestic violence one bag at a time!

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