From Winter to Spring!

Living in Chicago, transitional weather could be one of the most frustrating parts of choosing from one’s wardrobe.  As many Chicagoans know, in any one day, the weather forecast may be snowing and 30 degrees, raining and 45 degrees, or if we’re lucky, sunny and 60 degrees.

Especially in the spring, transitional weather can be tricky. The key that some of us have learned is smart layering.  Marketplace has number of clothing items that are perfect for layering in the spring, in fabrics that are neither too heavy nor too light.

Start off your spring outfit with a long sleeve knit Black T-Shirt from Marketplace. The embroidery at the neckline offers colorful and interesting detail beyond your basic black tee.

Add skinny pants with Marketplace’s black churidars. The tapered cut of the churidars adds a lean look while the gathering of fabric at the ankles adds a pretty touch.  The churidars can be paired with high boots when it is still cool out or sandals when the weather warms up.

Layer the Kesari jacket, which comes in a spring appropriate print, over the long sleeve shirt. This jacket offers light warmth and the print adds a touch of dressiness to an otherwise casual jacket.  The jacket is long enough to cover the hips, continuing the long line of the churidars.

For extra warmth, add a scarf in wool, cashmere, silk or cotton, depending on your preference.  These are just a few examples of Marketplace’s offering of great layering pieces for the spring.  Visit Marketplace for more ideas!

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