Celebrating Sankranti with the Pushpanjali Cooperative!

Last month, many of the artisans celebrated Makar Sankranti, a holiday observed in various ways all over India. In the state of Maharashtra, where MarketPlace is located, people share til-gul ladoos, which are sweets made from sesame seeds and jaggery (palm sugar).When two people exchange ladoos on Sankranti, they say, “Til-gul ghya god god bola,” which means “Accept these til-guls and speak sweet words!”

The artisans of Pushpanjali celebrated Sankranti together. The Pushpanjali cooperative has been one of the biggest forces behind MarketPlace’s domestic violence program. In their own eyes, while their work as artisans is important, it is their social activism which is their greatest achievement. The activism has resulted not only in the group bonding, but also in the individual women artisans developing confidence in themselves and their leadership skills.

The joy and unity of the Pushpanjali artisans was abundant on Sankranti! They spent a day sharing food, fun, and, of course, many til-gul and sweet words!

Support the work of the artisans! Visit our website, www.marketplaceindia.com, any time to purchase the clothing and home decor items featuring the exceptional hand-dyed fabrics you love.

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