MarketPlace Style: Fall Look with the Akila Jacket

Post by Julie, Junior Board Member

Looking through the MarketPlace catalog for the perfect fall piece to style, I came across the Akila Jacket. The intricate hand-dyed patterns and embroidery of this garment first caught my eye. But I gravitated towards it primarily for the yummy combination of colors: spice red, rich gold and a touch of the subtlest blue. The fact that it’s a short-sleeve jacket makes it incredibly versatile and perfect for layering.

Here\’s the outfit Julie would make with the Akila Jacket

I wanted to pick up on all the hues in the Akila Jacket [1] and there was plenty to work with. I laid a neutral foundation with a nude jersey tunic [2] and mocha faux suede leggings [3]. The sky blue scarf [4] draws out the blue in the jacket and is a great contrasting color. The brown leather pocket shoulder bag [5] and lace-up boots [6] are trendy for the fall season, but still lets the jacket shine. Lastly, I found some adorable tulip studs [7] to complete the look with a punch of color.

Armed with this outfit, I’m almost ready for the cooler Chicago days ahead!

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