Wintertime Dresses From MarketPlace

When you buy just one dress from MarketPlace: Handwork of India, you’ll
get a whole collection of stunning looks that can take you through an entire year!   Here, we’re taking a dress from the Spring 2010 collection to show you how easy it is to transition the dress into fall and even winter. 

Layer a solid colored shirt underneath for a chic fall look. You could also use a turtleneck or a long-sleeved t-shirt. Sahara Dress #40H-07 $59.00



Throw a knit on top for more warmth. Try the Garima Knit Jacket. Because the jackets are solid colors, they’ll work over many MarketPlace dresses.Garima Knit Jacket Black: #41Q-02 $62.00 Plum: #41Q-03 $62.00


Visit our website to see our entire collection of dresses and use your imagination – and leggings, boots, tops and jackets – to create more year-round looks.


Shilpa Dress #41H-04 $79.00-$82.00



Manali Dress #41H-01 $86.00-$89.00



Roshni Dress #41H-03 $68.00-$70.00


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