You Can Win This Quilt For Just $10!

Global Village Gifts and its founder, Sally Keller, have been longtime friends of MarketPlace: Handwork of India. Global Village Gifts, a fair trade store in Logan, Utah has joined hands with the artisans in India once again. Now, the Happy Harvest Quilt Guild came on board, too! These women, from across the world, made this magnificent quilt together with MarketPlace fabrics and hand-embroidered quilt squares.

You can win this quilt with the purchase of a raffle ticket here. Tickets are $10 each. Or, increase your chances! Six tickets are $50, and 14 tickets are $100.

Your raffle ticket will not just give you a chance to brighten your home; it will provide greater opportunities to low-income women and their children. All proceeds will fund programs that support the empowerment of women artisans.

Here, the quilt is displayed amongst other MarketPlace products. Even the back of the quilt has embroidered squares, which you can see peeking through here.

Here’s Sally (Right) and the quilters displaying their stunning work.

The Quilt is 70″ by 70″ and the drawing will be held December 10th in Logan, Utah.


  1. When I clicked on the word that was supposed to take me to a place one could donate ten dollars for a chance at the quilt, it took me to a word press page explaining blogs. This is in need of fixing.
    Thank you.

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