Travel Adventures: Pushpika, Lalita, & Adele are in India!

While we are here pouring over the newest Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog, Pushpika and Lalita are in India on one of their semi-annual trips to plan for the NEXT collection for MarketPlace! As an added bonus, our designer Adele is also there with them- which doesn’t usually happen. I’m here at the office, but it is exciting to hear all the news from them. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the snippets I’ll be posting about their travels!

Their flight was full of delays and lost baggage, which I know only too well from my own travels. As Pushpika tells it, “We finally made it here more than 40 hours after leaving Chicago. Our flight to Brussels was 3 hours delayed and although we made up some time, the jet airways flight did not wait for us and 10 other customers!! We had to wait in Brussels for 8 hours, then got on a flight to London and after spending 5 hours in London we got on a Jet airways flight here. While we were waiting for our bags, Lalita was paged. Turned out all 4 bags were put on her name and they said only 2 bags made it on our flight. As luck would have it the 2 bags were mine! They said the bags should come on the flight coming in tonight and will be delivered here tomorrow morning – hopefully! We got home in time for lunch and the food was delicious!! And then started meetings at 2.30 and ended at 7 pm. It’s been raining quite a bit here so the weather is quite pleasant and the work has started.”

I talked to them on the phone a few days later, and it sounds like the cool monsoon weather is proving its downside. The downpours have made it hard to get rickshaws, and visit the workshops. But, they’ve been working hard morning to evening to meet with everyone.

Adele arrived a few days later and said (jokingly) that she forgot her plastic rain pants! But it seems the sun is finally peeking out. As for having Adele there, Lalita says, “The design workshop is going well – Adele is on a roll! She’s enjoying working with the women and is excited with the fabric variety.”

I’ll let you know what else they are up to as soon as they have a chance to share!

(posted by Rajya)

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