What would your life be like if MarketPlace was not there?

Kerry, from SERRV International, visited MarketPlace in Mumbai recently. She had a meeting with the heads of the producer groups, and asked “What would your life be like if MarketPlace was not there?

Both Pramila and Hasina thought about their careers, and said they would be working as maids for other families.

“If MarketPlace would not have been there then, probably I would have just doing the household work & if required worked as a maid.”-Pramila, Arpan Cooperative

“I would have worked as a house maid in the neighbourhood. But because of MarketPlace, today I am living a life full of dignity.” – Hasina, Ashiana Cooperative

“Living with dignity” came up for other producer group heads:

“I was a tailor before this, so I would have continued doing that & wouldn’t have reached where I am today.”– Abur Kani, Sahara

“I would have opened a small food shop and would have never known what it feels like to achieve dreams, which I have realised after being with MarketPlace.”-Joseph, WARE

Here’s a photo with Kerry, the staff of SHARE, and the heads of each producer group. We were fortunate to have representatives of Arpan cooperative, Pushpanjali cooperative, Ashiana cooperative, and Nirmal cooperative there. From bottom right, the people present were: Pramila, Rikesh, Vatsala, Hetal, Manisha, Delphine, Kerry, Hasina, and Abdul.

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