MarketPlace Style: Oh Scarf! How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!

Post by Tessa, of our Junior Board

I love a good scarf and I was happy to find that MarketPlace India had such a beautiful selection to choose from for this shoot. I wear scarves quite a lot and I think it always adds that something extra or a splash of color to any outfit. My obsession must come from my family in India where women are hardly ever without a scarf, be it for added sophistication, modesty, or warmth. Regardless of what has inspired my enchantment with this simple yet lovely piece of fabric, what I love most is the countless ways it can be worn.

We chose to feature two scarves and two different ways to wear them for each. Believe me, there are plenty more ways to wear a scarf, but this is a blog post, not a novel! Here are four easy and functional styles to get you started. We hope this will inspire you!

Belted Scarf
Belted Scarf

In this first photo, we used the scarf as a belt. We chose a lovely green printed scarf of the softest cotton from MarketPlace India’s upcoming Fall 2010 collection. We twisted the scarf to lend it a different texture and wrapped it twice around a black shift dress. We finished it off in a double knot, giving it a casual yet sweet look of a slightly messy bow. It’s easy to add a scarf belt to any outfit. With the cinched waist trend still going strong, it’s the perfect accessory to add to those shapeless shifts and cardigans. You can also loop a scarf through your pant belt loops or open it up a little bit more for a swimwear cover up.

Scarf draped casually around the neck
Scarf draped casually around the neck

Our second look features the same scarf casually draped around the neck. It adds a dash of sophistication and creates a slightly bohemian feel. This is by far the easiest thing you can do with the scarf. If not to give your outfit that extra something, it will at least keep your neck warm on chilly autumn nights! Another way to wear the scarf around your neck is to bring together the two ends of the scarf in one hand and hold the loop end you created in your other hand. Then drape the scarf around your neck and pull the two ends of the scarf through the loop in front. Voila! Another way to wear your scarf!

Draped around the shoulders for the evening
Draped around the shoulders for the evening

Our third look takes the scarf out to a nice dinner. We featured one of Marketplace India’s cotton crinkle scarves, which are my personal favorite. I just love the texture! There’s no better way to keep yourself warm in all those freezing restaurants. An accessory like this can really take your outfit to the next level and make your day outfit more classy. I almost always have a scarf in my bag just in case I unexpectedly need to keep warm or to keep out of the sun.

Scarf as a hair accessory
Scarf as a hair accessory

Our final outfit is the whimsical scarf in the hair look. We thought it would be fun to do this look since not that many people attempt it but it’s such an easy way to add a fun accessory to your outfit. Whether you choose to do the free spirit look like we did or something more chic like a ponytail tied with a scarf or braiding the scarf through your hair, we guarantee that a scarf has never made you feel better! Also, it’s a really good way to hide a bad hair day!

Remember, purchases of our scarves support the sustainable employment of low-income women artisans in India. You can purchase our amethyst crinkle scarf and pink crinkle scarf now, and the green scarf in Fall.

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