Designing Change: Meet Pramila

Pramila is the Embroidery Supervisor of the Arpan Cooperative. In this short interview, learn about Pramila’s role in the MarketPlace family.

What types of things do you need to get done this week?

As Embroidery Supervisor, I check all embroidered pieces and overlook products.  I also come with the PG head to pass fabric and samples, and collect raw material. It has helped me come out of my shell and taught me many new things; it has boosted my self confidence. Communication skills and its importance: I learned that here, when I joined Arpan cooperative.

Now, I also help our PG head in accounting and all bank transaction. I am learning how to handle petty cash, keep records of bills, order forms and Demand Drafts/cheques/bills etc.

What’s one of your favorite memories, or lessons you’ve learned, from being part of the MarketPlace community?

I still remember one of the products where I had embroidered Ganesha (Hindu God) over a table cover. Though I knew embroidery before I joined Arpan, I have learnt many types of takas (stitches).

Another very important thing: over the years, I have learnt to travel in Mumbai. I never used to go out without my family members. Now I can go to any corner of Mumbai without any fear in mind.

I have also learned product sample passing procedures.

What do your family and friends say about your involvement with MarketPlace?

Initially, my family members were hesitate on sending me out to work, but when they started observing positive changes in me and my contribution in family, they started admiring me and my efforts. They all are happy with my income, and that I learn many things while working with Arpan. Now I can make my own decisions on things like my children’s education and upbringing.

Do you have a favorite MarketPlace item?

I like Raj jacket most in all the products just because of its look and feel.

Artisans and MarketPlace work together to design fair trade fashions, and re-design futures. “Designing Change” is a monthly profile of a MarketPlace: Handwork of India artisan-entrepreneur.


  1. It is always great to hear from someone from Arpan. Although I do not remember all your names, each of your faces have a very special place in my memory. Congratulations Pramila for your achievements. And please convey my best wishes to everyone at Arpan. Gwylene

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